Instagram Picture of the week!

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There is nothing more satisfying than looking for awesome instagram pictures in the morning. I’m feeling sick today, a little bit and I thought I better start the day with a smile. Searching the internet for awesome instagram pictures surely did that This photo is by Eddie Mulholland, @eddiemulh A solid all-round London-based news photographer … [Read more…]

It’s Friday!


Goodmorrow good my people! Friday is upon us and I’m looking forward to it! Haven’t felt so energized in days now, absolutely pumped! In all honesy, I didn’t think the day would begin that great. I set my alarm on 8 O’clock and I thought Dear Lord… But I had to get up because I … [Read more…]

Wrexham, Wales

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Mark but the badges of these men, my lords, Then say if they be true. This mis-shapen knave, His mother was a witch, and one so strong That could control the moon, make flows and ebbs, And deal in her command without her power. These three have robb’d me; and this demi-devil— For he’s a … [Read more…]



To believe is to know that every day is a new beginning. Is to trust that miracles happen, and dreams really do come true. To believe is to see angels dancing among the clouds, To know the wonder of a stardust sky and the wisdom of the man in the moon. To believe is to … [Read more…]

Happy International Silly Walk Day!


Usually I hate those everyday international something days, but I have to make an exception today. It’s a day dedicated to one of the most funniest sketches I have ever seen: It’s Happy International Silly Walk Day! Well if you don’t know monty python you are clearly doing something wrong OR your parents have done … [Read more…]

A bit of poetry


As it’s monday I tend to look for inspiration, inspiration to get me motivated for the next week. Sometimes I look to poetry, there’s a lot of power in poetry. NEVER underestimate the power of words. What I like about poems is that they have a general interpretation, but there is still room for your … [Read more…]

What a week!


Well as you’ve perhaps noticed, I’ve been lacking posting anything for the last few days. It has been a very hectic week to say the least. You can say my week evolved around VVV-Venlo. It hasn’t been all positive, the news that is. I’ll try to explain it to you. Financial problems Our beloved football … [Read more…]

Travel days


 The alarm clock went off, 4 AM in the morning. Sweet mother of jesus…  My train would leave at 06.48, but to get there I had to travel for an hour by car first. But the thing was, it was really early.. Even the coffee wasn’t awake yet, if you catch my drift. We (my … [Read more…]

Dydd Sadwrn da bore!


Goodmorning! It’s Saturday 9.13 AM and I’m going to study in a few moments. I just got up and I’m enjoying a cup of earl grey at the moment. Slowly, but surely i’m getting back on my feet, ready to study all day long. In my opinion it’s very important to make the most of … [Read more…]

Snapback central!


Late nights, early mornings. It has finally taken his toll, so I’ve been very tired. However that is no excuse for not posting something or writing! One of my fashion passion things (read addiction) is the love for baseball caps. I have loads of them. I hear you saying : “Are you such a baseball … [Read more…]



Like many guys (and girls) of my age, I’m really into something particular: Football. Obviously this is a subject often talked about,  but I would like to talk about an aspect of football that hasn’t got the global attention it deserves. (that is my humble opinion) I developed my interest in Non-league football a few … [Read more…]



No, I’m not talking about any kind of Monty Python sketch or the movie. But I’m talking about food. The Full Monty – also known as Full English Breakfast – is my kind of awesome breakfast. At this moment I’m craving for it. But sadly we don’t have all the ingredients for it, so I’ll … [Read more…]

Playlist Week 44

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Starting this week, I’m going to post a weekly playlist I made on soundcloud. It kind of reflects my mood or music interest that particular week. Music really gets me going. Music in the morning or at night, I need music! Hope you enjoy the playlist I’ve made, it’s just a mix really! ML

Top o’ the morning to ya!


Monday, 7.30 AM As a human being, you are supposed to hate Mondays. But I really don’t. Inspired by my sister, I try to make the most of Mondays. It’s not that Mondays drag you down or something, you are just in that weekend mood and want another day of procrastinating. The key to a … [Read more…]

Friday Awayday!


As the fanatic football supporter  I am, I hope to attend a football match every week. Sometimes more, but that wasn’t the case last week. Last week I travelled to ‘s Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) with my local professional team: VVV-Venlo. It’s the club I’ve supported all my life and they are doing remarkably well this … [Read more…]

Sunday Chill


Throwback shout-out kind of thing to last Summer: Berlin. I went to the german capital for 5 days and it was just amazing. I had been to Berlin previously, but in the summer it’s just awesome. This picture was made around 9 O’Clock and the city is just beginning to live, it’s crowdy and there’s … [Read more…]



“Players that aren’t true leaders but try to be, always bash other players after a mistake. True leaders on the pitch already assume others will make mistakes.” – JC

“I know you all..”


“I know you all, and will awhile uphold The unyok’d humour of your idleness. Yet herein will I imitate the Sun, Who doth permit the base contagious clouds To smother up his beauty from the world, That, when he please again to be himself, Being wanted, he may be more wonder’d at, By breaking through … [Read more…]

‘The Monarchy’


As a history student I find the English history incredibly fascinating. Personally the medieval in England is my favorite. At the school I’ve been to, they haven’t paid attention to this particular aspect of History and I think that’s rather poor of the educational system. There’s a lot variety in this segment of history and the … [Read more…]

Non-League Football


On Sunday I usually go out on the football pitch, but I have a knee injury that will keep me busy for the time to come. I’m out for more than 3 months is the prediction. An absolute bummer, but there is nothing I can do about it. However on this bright Sunday morning, the … [Read more…]

‘Going Underground’


Sometimes you just need to listen to music, you have to. Problem was, I didn’t what I had to listen to. Lately I have listened some music my sister advised me to or music that is more mainstream. Not that there is anything wrong with it, that’s good music too. But it’s not really my … [Read more…]

‘Under Milk Wood’

I watched the ‘Jack to a King’ documentary on Swansea City FC and the intro just intrigued me. It was timeless, inspiring and moving at the same time. The introduction is made out of a radio play by Dylan Thomas: Under Milk Wood. I listened and listened and listened, keeps inspiring me every single time. … [Read more…]

“The Churchill Factor”


Autumn has arrived in its purest form: Rain. Rain is a strange weather condition, sometimes I fancy the rain and sometimes I absolutely detest it. I’m not sure how I feel about it today though. On these days I tend to read for school or for my own gain (I know to read is also … [Read more…]

Get to know me!


Since this is my first blogpost, I think it’s in our  (..haha )best interest that I introduce myself. Via Get To Know Me questions. I find it a refreshing way because of the Q&A format and not as corny as ‘This is the story of my life’. And if you keep up to date with … [Read more…]