Instagram Picture of the week!

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There is nothing more satisfying than looking for awesome instagram pictures in the morning. I’m feeling sick today, a little bit and I thought I better start the day with a smile. Searching the internet for awesome instagram pictures surely did that This photo is by Eddie Mulholland, @eddiemulh A solid all-round London-based news photographer … [Read more…]

It’s Friday!


Goodmorrow good my people! Friday is upon us and I’m looking forward to it! Haven’t felt so energized in days now, absolutely pumped! In all honesy, I didn’t think the day would begin that great. I set my alarm on 8 O’clock and I thought Dear Lord… But I had to get up because I … [Read more…]

Wrexham, Wales

wrexham_central_old4 (1)

Mark but the badges of these men, my lords, Then say if they be true. This mis-shapen knave, His mother was a witch, and one so strong That could control the moon, make flows and ebbs, And deal in her command without her power. These three have robb’d me; and this demi-devil— For he’s a … [Read more…]



To believe is to know that every day is a new beginning. Is to trust that miracles happen, and dreams really do come true. To believe is to see angels dancing among the clouds, To know the wonder of a stardust sky and the wisdom of the man in the moon. To believe is to … [Read more…]

Happy International Silly Walk Day!


Usually I hate those everyday international something days, but I have to make an exception today. It’s a day dedicated to one of the most funniest sketches I have ever seen: It’s Happy International Silly Walk Day! Well if you don’t know monty python you are clearly doing something wrong OR your parents have done … [Read more…]

A bit of poetry


As it’s monday I tend to look for inspiration, inspiration to get me motivated for the next week. Sometimes I look to poetry, there’s a lot of power in poetry. NEVER underestimate the power of words. What I like about poems is that they have a general interpretation, but there is still room for your … [Read more…]