Dydd Sadwrn da bore!


Goodmorning! It’s Saturday 9.13 AM and I’m going to study in a few moments. I just got up and I’m enjoying a cup of earl grey at the moment. Slowly, but surely i’m getting back on my feet, ready to study all day long. In my opinion it’s very important to make the most of … [Read more…]

Snapback central!


Late nights, early mornings. It has finally taken his toll, so I’ve been very tired. However that is no excuse for not posting something or writing! One of my fashion passion things (read addiction) is the love for baseball caps. I have loads of them. I hear you saying : “Are you such a baseball … [Read more…]



Like many guys (and girls) of my age, I’m really into something particular: Football. Obviously this is a subject often talked about,  but I would like to talk about an aspect of football that hasn’t got the global attention it deserves. (that is my humble opinion) I developed my interest in Non-league football a few … [Read more…]



No, I’m not talking about any kind of Monty Python sketch or the movie. But I’m talking about food. The Full Monty – also known as Full English Breakfast – is my kind of awesome breakfast. At this moment I’m craving for it. But sadly we don’t have all the ingredients for it, so I’ll … [Read more…]