‘Going Underground’


Sometimes you just need to listen to music, you have to. Problem was, I didn’t what I had to listen to. Lately I have listened some music my sister advised me to or music that is more mainstream. Not that there is anything wrong with it, that’s good music too. But it’s not really my … [Read more…]

‘Under Milk Wood’

I watched the ‘Jack to a King’ documentary on Swansea City FC and the intro just intrigued me. It was timeless, inspiring and moving at the same time. The introduction is made out of a radio play by Dylan Thomas: Under Milk Wood. I listened and listened and listened, keeps inspiring me every single time. … [Read more…]

“The Churchill Factor”


Autumn has arrived in its purest form: Rain. Rain is a strange weather condition, sometimes I fancy the rain and sometimes I absolutely detest it. I’m not sure how I feel about it today though. On these days I tend to read for school or for my own gain (I know to read is also … [Read more…]

Get to know me!


Since this is my first blogpost, I think it’s in our  (..haha )best interest that I introduce myself. Via Get To Know Me questions. I find it a refreshing way because of the Q&A format and not as corny as ‘This is the story of my life’. And if you keep up to date with … [Read more…]