Happy International Silly Walk Day!


Usually I hate those everyday international something days, but I have to make an exception today. It’s a day dedicated to one of the most funniest sketches I have ever seen: It’s Happy International Silly Walk Day! Well if you don’t know monty python you are clearly doing something wrong OR your parents have done … [Read more…]

A bit of poetry


As it’s monday I tend to look for inspiration, inspiration to get me motivated for the next week. Sometimes I look to poetry, there’s a lot of power in poetry. NEVER underestimate the power of words. What I like about poems is that they have a general interpretation, but there is still room for your … [Read more…]

Travel days


 The alarm clock went off, 4 AM in the morning. Sweet mother of jesus…  My train would leave at 06.48, but to get there I had to travel for an hour by car first. But the thing was, it was really early.. Even the coffee wasn’t awake yet, if you catch my drift. We (my … [Read more…]