Travel days

 The alarm clock went off, 4 AM in the morning. Sweet mother of jesus… 

My train would leave at 06.48, but to get there I had to travel for an hour by car first. But the thing was, it was really early.. Even the coffee wasn’t awake yet, if you catch my drift. We (my Dad and me) left at 5 and just before 6 we were in Maastricht. There I took the train to Charleroi Sud. For the people who know the region, I know Eindhoven AirPort or Düsseldorf is closer. But the thing is: a) Eindhoven didn’t fly on thursday and b) Düsseldorf was way more expensive. So I travelled to Brussel-Charleroi AirPort.

Everything went fine and it was at the first stop where I had to run to get on the second train. Pff they were very punctual in Liege, but I got on the train. I was very happy to get a seat, but the happiness would turn into immense frustration short after that. The man next to me was an asian man, nothing wrong about that. But he snored like hell and it was really annoying. I have those outside-noise-cancelling headphones, but I could hear his Texas chainsaw massacre all over the place. I got a bit frustrated all the way to Brussels, where my next stop was…

The train was late and again I had to hurry to catch the other train. I only had 2 minutes, jesus… But I got there and… Yup delay. 10 minutes..14,16,24 and finally 26 minutes! That’s Belgian Railways for you. Everything went Well from then on, took the bus to the AirPort from Charleroi Sud and got to the gate in time. Ooh! The security lost my new snapback! I wanted to make Some trouble, but I didn’t know french well enough to become angry and I had no time haha. 

The flight was a good flight I guess. The people next to me ate way too much and became annoying when they kept on looking on my phone/iPad. But Hey! It is all good fun I guess haha

But it was all worth it, because in the end I got to see my sister and that’s what the tril is all about! And this view ofcourse!  

Later on we went to a football match, but I’ll put the story in another post. It was very cool to meet Some friends of my sister. They strike me as a cool bunch of people, but my sister is the type of person who does attract people with a Nice vibe.

My internet is rather bad here, so there Will be any delay with the posts. But I think it will be Some good story reading.

‘Ave a good one! – ML

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