Groundhop: Rot-Weiss Essen vs. FC Köln U23

Last sunday I visited my first groundhop match of the year 2016! I went to a industrial based city in NordRhein Westfalen, located in West-Germany. The city is Essen.
I’ve been to Essen previously but I didn’ visit the footballclub then.

RWE has been founded in 1907 and have had their fiercest rivalry with Schwarz-Weiss Essen. Up to the 2nd World War, Schwarz-Weiss had been the biggest club. But after the war RWE rise to be great, surpassing their rivals and becoming German champions in 1955.

Since then they have been relegated a few times and at this moment they play in the Regionalliga West, which is the 4th tier of German football.

The atmosphere was great, more fans than I expected and there was a lot of passion. A bit dissappointing was the play on the field, it ended in 0-0. RWE got a red card, but still managed to produce a lot of chances. However they didn’t convert them into any goals.

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