As you may have noticed, Shakespeare is one of my favorite authors. The first play I’ve read was Henry the Fifth and many have followed since. At the present I can proudly say that Shakespeare is of great influence on both my school and personal life. It’s something I’d like to share with you.

Starting with today, I would like to begin a challenge. A challenge of 100 days, where I post a quote or poem from William Shakespeare, every day.
I will post them here on my blog, every morning or that is my intention haha. If I ever forget it here, you can always find them on my instagram account (@lambertsmarc)

The reason why I’m starting this challenge, is to raise awareness for Shakespeare. In modern society many people say they ‘know’ Shakespeare, but most of them have only read or seen the most popular plays. I want to give his whole works the recognition they deserve and if I can enthusiast more people for the other plays, my mission is accomplished.

And everyday people quote or use Shakespeare, but they don’t know it. It’s just like religion. You can say you don’t care about religion or Shakespeare, but it does affect your daily routine.