Autumn has arrived in its purest form: Rain.
Rain is a strange weather condition, sometimes I fancy the rain and sometimes I absolutely detest it. I’m not sure how I feel about it today though.

On these days I tend to read for school or for my own gain (I know to read is also in ones greater interest, but somehow it doesn’t always feel that way). The book I’m currently reading is Boris Johnson’s ‘The Churchill Factor’.

Perhaps you know the author of the book, he’s the Mayor of London at the moment. Further more he’s also MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip. A quite eccentric person in England nowadays. He is an ‘Etonian’ and has various publications in magazines. He also wrote some books,  both entertaining and informing. ( you can read all about him here)
The book is a biography on Winston Churchill and it’s not a standard one. Just like its author, the book concentrates not on the conventions of his political life. It focuses on his personal life and how the whole famous politician-status affected his own life and of his family. It’s a well documented book and as a historian I’m more than satisfied with the result of this book. The book has 367 pages and it sounds like quite a few, but the storytelling is just marvelous. Rather juicy in fact. You don’t seem to notice that book is rather thick.
The author has succeeded in making the story more interesting and modern than its predecessors.(Other Biographies on Churchill that is) That’s what I find very important, because history isn’t always modern. In fact it can be very dull for the people who aren’t into history that much. I do encourage these publications.

I bought the Dutch translation, but you can buy the English version of the internet at Amazon (£20,-)